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I'm Rajiv Gadhvi

How & Why I Can Help You

Are you taking a pill for every ill?


Have you got a cupboard full of concoctions, potions and remedies- but none of them seem to be helping?


Are you constantly stressed out to the point of burn out?


Do you even know what nutrition is in the food you’re eating?


Hi I’m Rajiv Gadhvi and it’s my mission to bring you education on your wellness. 


I’ve been a pharmacist for over a decade and in that time I must have handed over 10000 pills to over 10,000 patients.. and what I’m seeing is a system which is fundamentally broken - one that is treating symptoms- giving us loads of band-aids but not actually addressing the root causes.


Now, how I awakened to realising I’m part of this broken system - one which pushes a pill for every ill, keeps us going around in a hamster cage of stress and which feeds us toxin through the food we eat and the environment around us,  was when my dad came home and said he was going to be on a life-time of medication due to diabetes. 


My whole system told me there was a different way so I educated myself and dedicated myself to coaching my dad.. Today, I’m so grateful that he is not taking a single pill, is diabetes free and is in his best health ever. 


Why Me?

  • Functional Medicine Educator

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