Work With Me

  • Customised Training Programs

    I work with clients to figure out what's driving health issues and then customise a wellness plan based on their unique needs and lifestyle to help them improve their healthspan- so they live a happier, healthier & longer life.

  • 1-2-1 Guidance

    Start with an initial health consultation and then I will meet with you one-on-one twice a month for about 45 minutes per session and offer support between sessions. I give detailed follow-up notes and informative hand-outs to make it easy to attain your health goals.

  • Drug-Free Healing

    By addressing the underlying cause of your health issues, I will help you put your diseases into remission without the use of pharmaceutical drugs.

  • Access To Online Wellness Academy 

    You will get access to ONLINE WELLNESS ACADEMY a powerful self-transformation + personal development education, training & coaching platform to help you reconstruct your 4 pillars of wellness: Healthset, Mindset, Soulset, Heartset.

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